Redox instructions:

Redox Problems:

I will Assign 1/3 of these problems. Make sure you you do a net ionic Equation for the second half of the handout. Also, If the problem has hydroxide, ammonia or ammonium in the reactants or products then it is basic. Conversely, If the problem has an acid in it then it is Acidic. Evaluate each problem for these clues. If there is neither an acid or base then assume it is acidic. Put your signs on your final answer. Check for balanced mass (number of atoms) and balanced charge.

If there are no ions (spaces with a charge), evaluate using your solubility rules. Many of the problems are not in net ionic form so you have to determine the net ionic equation before you begin. If there are ions in the original problem, then it is already in net ionic form (no other compounds can be ionized.


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Watch my video below on Redox (use the redox instructions above) and 4.3
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Never choose two from the oxidizers or two from the reducers (you should have one of e